Custom Hand Made Bridles
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Made in the USA by hand. All pieces are cut, finished and burnished by hand. Made from 10 OZ Wickett & Craig skirting leather,bonded and stitched to 8 OZ Brown Latigo leather. Skirting is what is used in western saddles. Our USA tanned Wickett & Craig skirting leather is finished with wax and oil to keep it looking new for a long time. Latigo is tanned with waxes and oils and is great as a liner in Bridles. Helps to keep horses body salt from rotting the leather. Easy to clean and maintain. All hardware is made from high quality Stainless Steel and is etched and patterned with black highlights. Hardware is all made by Jeremiah Watt. Bit hangers have a screw in back to when loosened allows the hanger to swivel down to put your bit in. The leather cheeks, top piece and forehead band is 3/4" wide. This is a lifetime heirloom bridle to pass on to the next generation, Edges are sealed and waxed and burnished. Thanks for looking.
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